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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

EXCLUSIVE - The Sean O'Driscoll Interview on The Cider Diaries (Final Part)

Two down, one to go of 'The Cider Diaries' EXCLUSIVE interview with Bristol City Head Coach Sean O'Driscoll. 

The downloads have absolutely smashed our previous record, and we continue to receive great feedback via Twitter and the forums. It seems like this has caught the imagination of many fans!

In this final episode Sean explains his biggest regret since joining the club and talks about the fan's support and criticism, saying of those who are nervous and want results "I definitely understand, of course I do", whilst admitting he feels like he's a lone voice talking about the club's change of approach and said "it's not nice" when he's receiving criticism.

He also responds to criticism about not being passionate enough and confirms he's after another defender in the January transfer window, albeit on a budget that "isn't a lot".

We discuss whether the likes of Liam Fontaine and Neil Kilkenny may have played their last game for the club, Louis Carey's illness and why he gave him another one year contract and much much more.

We also have a fan's question section where he answers non-football questions about his spare time, Superheroes, Chocolate and even tells us a joke!  But the most revealing part of the interview has to be that he's just like millions of others - and plays Candy Crush!

The bit that really caught me though, of the whole interview, comes with two quotes on what we're doing as a club, and why the future feels safe in his hands, regardless of recent results on the pitch.  "I'm trying to look after the football club, not protect my job", is followed later by a suggestion that the club will look back on this season and say "We're glad we stuck with it".  Whether some like it or not, we are in transition and that takes longer than a couple of months.  Even he admits that if we keep this squad together and can add suitable players in the summer, we should be looking at targeting promotion next time around.  This year isn't about that.  It isn't about changing direction mid-season yet again. So let's get behind him and the team and climb this table.

The Sean O'Driscoll Interview: Final Part
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PARENTAL GUIDANCE: There are instances of bad language in this recording

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