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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

EXCLUSIVE - The Sean O'Driscoll interview on The Cider Diaries (Pt 2)

I hope you enjoyed the first 45 minutes of 'The Cider Diaries' EXCLUSIVE interview with Bristol City Head Coach Sean O'Driscoll, aired last night? It was certainly popular, with downloads incredibly outperforming all other editions inside just three hours, and we had some great feedback via Twitter and the forums.

In this second episode Sean relaxes even more and talks more about the disastrous performance at Wycombe as well as Joe Morrell's debut and what could lie ahead for this "exciting" talent who is "a cocky bugger". He also gives a warning story about Joe Cole which goes some way to explain why he's always honest with players and discusses why he shows the team footage from Bayern Munich's best performances.

EPPP and the Academy get a good airing and Sean raises the question about what will happen if someone comes in with a bid for the likes of Joe or Bobby Reid, especially after the latter's performance at Premier League Southampton.  

We ask him to explain the word 'Transition' which he admits "I've spouted it a lot", playing three up-front, Frankie Fielding and he also gives an insight into what he spends his Saturday night doing...

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: There are instances of bad language in this recording

The Sean O'Driscoll Interview: Part 2
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Enjoy - all feedback very, very welcome again!

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