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Monday, 13 May 2013

Bristol City #OneWordfeelings about the club's future

I recently asked City fans on Twitter what their thoughts were on the future of the club, having had a few weeks to let the crushing disappointment of relegation sink in and hear a little about thoughts for the future.  

To give you a real feel for the timing of this, the question was also posed after the announcement of Richard O'Kelly's departure and Keith Burt's appointment as Director of Football, and shortly after the retained list of players was announced.

For those who haven't seen these before, the size of the word relates to the number of times it's mentioned, with the largest being put forward most of all.  With nearly 100 replies it's fair scale representation of fan's views and provides an interesting mix of emotions, right from one end of the scale to the other.

Optimistic, hopeful and positive are the three most-mentioned words and are all of a similar ilk, and seem to give prominence to the work the club and coaching staff have been doing over the past two to three weeks to accentuate the positives about the sustainable strategy and plan going forward.

Meanwhile, unsure, worried, apprehensive, cautious, anxious and pensive all appear in approximate equal measure to counter-balance the burst of excitement.

There are some interesting other words in there not least "aroused", which I chose not to omit on the basis of neutral editorial status...

#BristolCity #onewordfeelings

So what do you think?  Does this sum things up perfectly for you or is there a word or feeling that hasn't been covered?  Get in touch and let me know.

The Exiled Robin

Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Cider Diaries, Episode 1 BRAND NEW BRISTOL CITY PODCAST!!

Finally, after months of on-off trying to work out how to best record, publish and work a podcast, I'm proud to announce at the first EVER edition of the brand new Bristol City podcast "The Cider Diaries" is now available to download!!!

In this first episode we review the season just gone, the details of the retained player list announced (recorded before Tom Heaton's reported move to Burnley, by the way) and also reflect upon the impact of Keith Burt's appointment as Director of Football.

My thanks to Dan Waters (@danwaters86) for pushing me along and making sure this happened, and also to Kevin Rudman (@krr57) who worked out how to record and publish it for us, and listened patiently whilst we rambled on!

We really would love to know your feedback, I'm sure we can improve by 1000% bearing in mind it was our first attempt, please be as honest as you want to be to help us improve!  Content, format, approach (i.e. would you like more arguing?!) - please just let us know what would improve things in your eyes.

We hope you enjoy it!

#TheCiderDiaries podcast is now published - Listen to or download at www.buzzsprout.com/11600, or subscribe via www.buzzsprout.com/11600.rss

#TheCiderDiaries podcast - To subscribe in iTunes on Mac/PC go to "File: Subscribe to Podcast…" and enter URL: www.buzzsprout.com/11600.rss

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