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Friday, 27 April 2012

What's Twitter all about? By the #bristolcitytwitterfamily

My final article from Bristol City's matchday programme, Red Alert for the 2011-2012 season, from the home game against Barnsley, on April 21st, that sealed our safety

Having spent all season telling you all my views on social media, and in particular Twitter, I thought I’d hand this final page over to some of the #bristolcitytwitterfamily to tell you what they think.  I asked five questions and got nearly a hundred replies, thanks to all those that took the time and apologies if you haven’t had a mention.

1)      What’s the best thing about Twitter?

One main themes came through on this one with the interaction with other City fans and fans of other clubs suggested by @Barnzy_BCFC, @kpcider, @AG_Gouldie, @JackCox83 and @Saxokid amongst others.

The other key mentions included the speed of news breaking (@McBCFC) whilst two birds of a feather (@Cucumber_Kid_71 & @Escobaraloplopp) said they loved the ability to tweet whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted to. 

2)      Worst thing about Twitter
Unsurprisingly for anyone who uses the micro-blogging site there were two answers that dominated all others here.  One of which, the ease for a small minority of idiots to abuse players, I’ve covered on this page during the season.  Be it racial, sickening comments about family/children or just plain stinging over-criticism it appears to annoy the majority more than anything else.

The second major theme, as with seemingly all online activity, was spam accounts.  Those that hack in to act as you and send messages out to everyone you follow about health pills or similar.

@Cucumber_Kid_71 suggested a notable and valid exception which was the extensive proliferation of trends to do with either Justin Bieber or One Direction – sadly barely a day goes by without an utterly pointless trend about one of them breaking a fingernail or something equally valueless and uninteresting.

3)      Who at City would you most want to see on Twitter?
Four main answers for this one with David James suggested by #bristolcitytwitterfamily founder @PeterMoth1 and ever-present ardent fan @BrizzleChris amongst others, former manager and club-hero Brian Tinnion was thrown in by @Stu_Radnedge whilst club captain Louis Carey got plenty of votes – even one from the continent from @Ralphinfrance.

The most popular choice however was Albert Adomah, with @Bennkanobi, @NaomiLouisee and @Natchplease amongst many voters for our favourite Uncle!

4)      Favourite City-related follow
An overwhelming win on this one for in-form striker @JonStead9 with @JessAshton34xxx leading the charge for a player who more than any other shows his passion and commitment to the club in this social whirlpool, although the detailed insight into the club offered by Adam Baker (@bean_head) was put forward by a few, including @Molls28 & @HalRoberts87.

It was a sign of the good fan’s spirit online that a few chose to mention other City fans, including @Brizzlechris who singled out the other Twitter family co-founder @Melissaspencerx, whilst @Cucumber_Kid_71 & @joes85 also got recommendations

5)      Favourite non City-related follow
This question yielded the broadest range of responses but being totally honest, I didn’t expect an ex-Gashead to feature in these votes but ex-Rovers star and king of the local radio phone-in @Geoff20Man got a couple of votes here from @kpcider & @jessashton34xxx.  Gary Lineker, Chris Kamara, Rio Ferdinand and Joey Barton all got votes, as did some top football writers, @the72football, @iainmackintosh, @footballramble, @GuillemBalague.

Award for top pick of the day though has to go to @Barnzy_BCFC for his selection of @Cynegeticus, a Brazilian and Latin American football expert, proving – if more proof were needed – that you truly can adapt Twitter to use it however you want!

I hope you’ve found this page an interesting read this season and that I’ve enlightened some of you in terms of what can be found online.  It’s not going to be for everyone, nothing ever is, but if you enjoy interacting with other fans, reading great writing about football (or any other topic) or just simply spying on what the stars are up to, then give Twitter a whirl.  The more the merrier!

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