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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A new direction for a new season

As the regular readers may have noticed, blog posts have become significantly less frequent over the past year or so and non-existent over the summer.

For a number of reasons, I've been unable to commit the time to producing the materials I love writing and, from the feedback, I know many of you enjoy reading. Family commitments, my wife's wedding planning business and a new role for myself at work which involves more travelling have all contributed to this and when given an opportunity to try something new this summer, I decided it was the right time for me to try and re-invigorate myself and my faithful quill!

Also, as you may have noticed from social media if you're on it, it's actually far harder to generate interest and comment when everything is going quite so bloody well on the pitch! I struggled to come up with a decent end of season review because actually I knew pretty much everyone would just agree with what I said and other than "wasn't that amazing?!", there was actually very little to say! 

Undoubtedly this season will prove more challenging and arguments will recommence on team selection, the 4-4-2 advocates will come back out in force I'm sure, we'll be slating Cotterill for not finding us a 25-goal a season striker or a back up centre-half early enough and normal service will be resumed.

As for the blog, well, things may change but the good news (I hope you'll agree!) is that I'm not closing shop.  However, I won't be committing to weekly posts and reviews as has been the case for most of the last few years, and posts will be - in theory at least - more lengthy, considered, editorial type pieces rather than the recent, often shorter efforts.

I will continue to invite good quality guest bloggers from time to time, when they or I feel there's something worth adding, but my main venture - which I'll continue to promote via these pages so you don't miss anything, is an exciting one for me personally.

Because....drum roll please...as of today, I am trialling as the new guest Bristol City blogger for the Bristol Post. Hopefully some of you who I know boycott/refuse to read anything "that Rovers rag" prints will give a concession for the purposes of reading my new blog! :-)

As a youngster I always wanted to be a sports journalist, and whilst this isn't quite achieving the boyhood ambition, having my words published online by the regional paper I've grown up with is both exciting and a little daunting.

The reason this will put a stop to many of my blog posts is that I'm just not sure I'll have enough time or variation of content to come up with something for the paper and for the blog on a regular basis, so for now I'll be prioritising the Post and coming back here to promote those posts and perhaps for the very occasional, lengthier, more opinionated piece.

This may last a few weeks, it may be years, but I'll enjoy writing it and I hope you - my fabulous readers/fans/supporters - will enjoy reading it as much as you have my blog over the last few years.

For those happy to follow me on my journey, my first piece - on City's summer transfer dealings (or lack of!!), is in it's new home, here: 


Thanks you all - as ever I'd appreciate all comments, likes, shares, RTs and whatever else you youngsters do these days on social media. It always makes the writing more worthwhile when I know people are reading and appreciating the effort - even if opinions may differ!

Not long to go now - this is our chance to do the Championship properly.

All that's left to say is, COYR!

The Exiled Robin

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