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Monday, 6 April 2015

The Inside Line: Bristol City v Swindon Town (07/04/2015)

Tomorrow night sees the long-awaited rematch of The Robins'. November's clash at The County Ground saw controversy and, in some people's eyes, over-the-top celebrations from Swindon, who ended City's long unbeaten start to the season.

Here's a preview from Swindon fan, Dan Johnson Apologies for any formatting issues, uploading this via phone en route to my pre-arranged London break following the Easter Monday fixture....

Before we take a look back at the reverse fixture and tomorrows encounter, let’s take a neutral outlook at both clubs.

Bristol City are top of League One for a reason, they have been the most consistence side the division, no-one can argue that they don’t deserve promotion.

City will be playing Championship football next season, most likely as League One champions.

Swindon have also enjoyed a superb season, whilst the Robins from Ashton Gate were expected to be challenging at the top of the table, the majority of Town fans would have neverpredicted a season spent inside the top four of the division.

Swindon Town 1-0 Bristol City

It’s been a season of overachievement at the County Ground, where one of the biggest highlights was last November, when an unbeatenside visited SN1.

A lot has been said between fans about the last encounter between the two sides, so let’s look at some of the points that some fans are still finding hard to move on from.

I personally did not see the Wade Elliot and Jack Stephens tussle at the game, and due to a slow cameraman we haven’t got proof one way or another, it’s all down to what people say they witnessed.

I’ve heard many different accounts from both sets of supporters, but my opinion is that just before the incident Stephens shrugs off Elliot and the City man retaliates, it did spoil what could have been a cracking game, but for such an experienced player, Wade Elliot should have known better.

Their battle tomorrow night will be interesting to watch.

I’ve also seen a lot of chat about Swindon fans over celebrating at the final whistle, and it was “our cup final”.

Swindon Town v Bristol City is the clubs biggest home game of the season.

Playing your local rivals is always a great occasion, and this time it had the extra incentive of City defending an unbeaten league record.

Also winning that game moved Town into the top two spots in the league, I can understand the supporters, players and clubs celebrations.

Hopefully we can now all move on from that game and start to look forward to what should be a cracking game tomorrow.

Update on Swindon’s season

After that game in November, Town went on a good run of results, only losing 1 in 10, whichput the club top of the table in mid-January.

But after that run of successful results came a damaging run that would end the clubs chances of winning the league title, going onto only win 2 games out of 8 from late January to the start of March.

But since then Swindon have won 4 out of 5 in the league and up until the weekend were still looking at a possible top two finish.

Saturday’s 3-0 home defeat to Milton Keynes was a huge blow to the clubs top two chances, but with eight games still to go and footballbeing an unpredictable business, dreams of a top two finish aren’t totally dead just yet.

Bristol City v. Swindon Town

Due to Swindon’s home defeat on Saturday, tomorrow’s game cannot come soon enough; the club and the fans need another game to get the stench of that performance off them.

It’s a great occasion for Bristol City fans, as they have nothing to lose from the contest, if Swindon takes all the points from Ashton Gate, City fans will say they don’t care, as they will be celebrating promotion soon anyway, regardless of the result.

If City manages a win, it ends a 12-year wait for a win over Swindon, that comes with bragging rights and it adds three more points to the total, it’s a win-win situation.

Obviously Swindon have more pressure on their shoulders to go out and get a result, if we want to keep the automatic promotion dream alive, this is a must-win game.

It should be a great contest with both sides playing the game the right way, the local derby factor, and the home side desperate to get revenge for last Novembers defeat.

Thanks for reading City fans, again congratulations on your upcoming promotion, I hope that this local derby will continue into next season, but inside the second-tier of English football.

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