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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A plethora of strikers give cause for optimism

The latest guest post from Stu Radnedge reflects on an up-and-down week and the selection dilemma now facing manager Derek McInnes.
"After a week off from work, in order to move into my new house, I returned on Monday and received a lot of banter from my colleagues (Arsenal fans) who all knew I had attended the ill-fated cup-match.

They asked what I thought and I said, obviously the result wasn’t what anyone wanted but when Elliott scored about five minutes from time – the blood coursing through my veins said “we’re going to win this”.
After lots of laughter, they commended my spirit.
When I arrived Wednesday morning, after texting the two in question with a stupid amount of “We’re going up, we’re going up, we’re going – City’s going up” messages after the match concluded 4-1, they didn’t seem surprised. Especially when I explained it’s probably the highest position we’ve been in and the largest positive goal difference we’ve had in two years – maybe more…

The euphoria from the Bristol City fans on Twitter was something to read and treasure on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The sceptics had been silenced, albeit temporarily, and BS3 was bouncing. 
It’s great to see Woolford and the lads commended by so many fans. But can the momentum continue?  Momentum and spirit are two things, in my eyes, that can’t be bought.  There is no doubt signing Davies and Baldock definitely sends out the right message to those in the league that may have been writing off our chances this year.

My only fear is that with two new forwards, other players may not get a look in. Every action has a reaction. It’s what makes the world go round!
Does this mean we say goodbye to Taylor? Let’s hope not after last night’s performance. But what about Stead and Pitman? Stead will surely stay but Pitman could be shown the door… maybe?

Competition for places is healthy at any club, more specifically for our team as we have for a long time lacked depth in particular positions. So having a choice of five strikers can only be a good thing.
But how many signings are too many? Teams that buy 10 new players in a preseason seldom get off to a good start. We’ve had eight and we have to remember they need to bed-in and find their feet at the club before we start expecting the world.
Let’s just hope they all settle in, in time for the visit of Cardiff on Saturday."

Thanks to Stu for his latest post.

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  1. Just ask any Charlton fan, we had twenty odd last summer and built a squad that won the league and has started the Championship strongly this season. It can be done!


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