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Wednesday, 28 March 2012



Keep going - we're still in the top three so CAN WIN THIS!!

OK, so this nPower competition seems to have some traction and I've spent the last couple of days on Twitter doing my best to galvanise and get people tweeting. 

This seems to have helped us rise from 5th to 3rd in the league standings but a number of people still don't seem to know much about what it all is, so I thought I'd explain, along with links to all the relevant bits - THERE IS SOME REALLY REALLY CRITICAL SIGN UP INFORMATION.

nPower are running the competition, and the idea is to reward the winning club with upto £30,000.

Details from City's offical site here: http://www.bcfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10327~2693634,00.html

There are two ways to win money:
Firstly (for £10,000): 'Grab a Seat' via Facebook and get everyone you know to do the same.  First club to 'fill' their stadium wins

Secondly (for £20,000): Following sign up, update on Facebook or Tweet as much as possible!!

This goes up until 1st June so this is a long game but would be a great one to win!


1) YOU MUST Sign up via Facebook - the link is here: http://www.facebook.com/npowerfootballleague

2) Like the Page

3) Go through the 'Grab your Seat' process and get to the end of the details screens
  - Ensure you select Bristol City as your team
  - You must allow the Fanpower App
  - You must give your details but OPT-OUT of notifications from nPower if you don't want junk mail: this doesn't affect the way you can help

4) To register and count via Twitter you MUST do all of the above & then also allow Twitter access.  I have done this and haven't noted any specific differences/problems with doing so

5) Once you'e done all of that simply mention any of the following in a Facebook Status Update or on Twitter (incl hashtag #fanpowerstadium - watch out, a few seem to be using an extra 's' - FanSpowerstadium - by accident)
 a) The surname of a player in your registered club's first team squad
 b) The surname of the manager of your registered club
 c) The name of your registered club's stadium
 d) Your registered club's name or nickname

So for example - "Get following Bristol City and help us win #fanpowerstadium"

Points are given per mention so do it at every opportunity. One way to stop it annoying everyone on your timeline by looking like Spam is to just include a mention on a standard tweet/Facebook update,

i.e. "Unbelievable skill from Messi there, Barca are amazing #fanpowerstadium Bristol City"
or more naturally
"Looking forward to going to Ashton Gate this weekend - big six-pointer #fanpowerstadium"

Some tricks of the trade to consider:
 >>> Include those associated with City with biggest following - @bean_head @scotty_murray @bcfctweets etc - if they RT your message gets read by a few thousand more people and multiplies the opportunity for others to RT, each time adding points to our total.

>>> Remember to include the name in full (i.e. Bristol City, Ashton Gate, McInnes) and use the hashtag in as many updates/tweets as possible, even if it's not fully relevant

>>> Particularly on Twitter if you're in conversations with other City fans about anything, get both of you/all of you doing it and you'll add points each time!

And keep it up!  Good luck everyone!

Remember - Tweets are NOT COUNTED unless you sign up via Facebook as above and allow Twitter the relevant accesses.

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